The Latebloomers

19 Jul 7.30pm
Sold Out


Sold Out
A wild ride through all things Scottish, full of silliness, songs and sacred tartan.

Scotlaaand! Singing, stomping, clowning, body percussion and the spirit of Scotland are packed into this hilarious and high-energy three-man physical comedy.

Winner of Best Comedy (Weekly Award) at Adelaide Fringe 2019, Sprit of the Fringe at Paris Fringe 2018 and the Inspiration Award for New Work at Prague Fringe 2018.

Part of Postcards 2019, our annual Pay What You Want festival. Book your tickets, watch the show and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Duration: 1h
Age guidance: 8+
Show info: Shouting and stomping throughout; audience interaction

"Scotland! is one of those performances you could watch every night for a week and still go back for more"

Theatre Box

"Take your Nan, take your mates, take the kids. This is one for everyone"

The Adelaidian

"There is skill in every nuance that the trio make and incredible rhythm abounds with stunning alacrity"

Glam Adelaide

"This is top drawer slapstick that will leave you wanting an encore"

The Advertiser

"This might be one of my favourite fringe shows ever of any season, anywhere in the world"


"A Fringe show that has created such loud and instantaneous belly laughs from an audience"

The Upside News

"An extremely talented and professional act with appealing good humour and supreme skill"

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