Ripe & Folie a Deux: Double Bill

Tilly Lee-Kronick & Gossamer Thread

17 Jul 8.00pm
Sold Out

Ripe & Folie a Deux: Double Bill

Sold Out
Get ready for an evening of absurdist anarchic circus.

"What do you expect when you see me?"

Ripe is a surreal exploration of our attitudes and assumptions towards female performers. Using static trapeze, dance and spoken word, Ripe unpeels stereotypes wrapped around women’s bodies.

Folie à Deux
What do you get if you cross a circus performer with a mentalist?

Alex McAleer and Daisy Black combine magic, circus, theatre and sideshow in a double act inspired by traditional vaudeville. Folie à Deux invites you to revel in the madness of two as they push their relationship to its limits. Expect dangerous displays of public affection, an eclectic soundtrack and hula hoops. Lots of hula hoops.

Part of Postcards 2018, our annual Pay What You Want festival. Book your tickets, watch the show and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Duration: 1h (approx.)
Age guidance: 14+
Show info: Contains adult content

"Fizzes with fun and fresh ideas"

Resolution Review of RIPE

"a refreshingly new take [on] female objectification"

Resolution Review of RIPE

“I was certainly left hoping to see more of this weirdly wonderful performer”

Resolution Review of RIPE

“Tilly Lee-Kronick had such an easy charm that Ripe easily stood out from the pack”

Dance Europe Magazine on RIPE

“terrific performance and I fully expect [Lee-Kronick] to make a name for herself”

Dance Europe Magazine on RIPE

“One of the funniest circus performances I’ve ever seen”

Audience Member on RIPE

"I wanted to bring all the important women in my life to see this show"

Audience Member on RIPE

"a master of the hoops, both airborne and earthborn, and her flexibility is second to none ... Awe inspiring"

Outline Magazine on Daisy Black (Gossamer Thread)

"Fast and furious ... Daisy's a nuclear genius with those hula hoops"

Mardi Gras Magazine on Daisy Black (Gossamer Thread)

"not only gifted artists but also made me shudder replaying a scene reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp ... with razor blades"

Glose Lifestyle, Paris on Gossamer Thread'

"They create stories that will break your heart with their utter beauty, and have you on the end of your seat with the danger!"

The Bluestocking Lounge

"A sheer force of wit, charisma and style"

Avenoir Magazine on Alex McAleer (Gossamer Thread)

"Smart, confident and entertaining"

The Magic Circle on Alex McAleer (Gossamer Thread)

"Holy cow! That was amazing!"

NBC's Access Hollywood on Alex McAleer (Gossamer Thread)

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