Nua Dance

18 Oct 19 Oct
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Sold Out
Meet Quimera, a retiree who wants to change the world.

Watch Quimera emerge from her tiny room into a fantastical landscape in which she unwittingly becomes a hero.

With bold contemporary dance, German Wheel, acrobatics and stunning aerial circus, choreographer Neus Gil Cortés blends darkly funny performance with quirky and extreme physicality.

Nua Dance's newest and most ambitious work to date is inspired by Cervantes’ Don Quixote and features a five-person intergenerational ensemble of circus and dance artists, led by Royal Opera House associate artist Sarah Dowling.

Supported by Jacksons Lane

Age guidance: 12+
Duration: 1h

“The blend of circus and dance is seamless and natural. I was completely hooked throughout”

Audience member

"Cortés handles the frailty and domination with a freedom and depth of detail that anchor the work in a youthful maturity"

Nicholas Minns, writingaboutdance.com on Left

"I can still feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up"

Jen Pawsey, Oxford Daily Info on Left

"It was wonderfully surreal and we both found it very affecting"

Audience member

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