Prison Factory Cult Circus

Lucy Frost

20 Jul 8.00pm
Sold Out

Prison Factory Cult Circus

Sold Out
Four children. Four different lives.

Between prison breaks, teen pregnancy and that business with the cult, it’s hard to pinpoint the black sheep of Lucy Frost’s family.

This tour-de-force of seldom-seen circus acts - including knife-throwing, lasso and a musical saw - tells the true story of Lucy and her siblings’ formative years in Sheffield challenging nature, nurture and Thatcher.

Directed by Kim Kaos
Sound Design and Music by Carol Cates
Lighting Design by Eve D'alton

Part of Postcards 2018, our annual Pay What You Want festival. Book your tickets, watch the show and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Duration: TBC
Age guidance: TBC

Supported by Dare to Devise and Arts Council England.


This is Cabaret on Step Ball Change

“A one-woman Laurel and Hardy”

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