Treacle Holasz

14 Sep 7.30pm
Meet the Pigs as they rise up and become sentient.

In a power-hungry human world, can they love? Can they fight? Can they become part of us?

Disruptive and disorientating, this tongue-in-cheek sci-fi tale concocts a dystopian future through a punchy cocktail of stripper pole, physicality, hyper visuals, buttock-clenching tension, a fair bit of smirking, maybe some touching – and, of course, some sexy Pigs.

Optional narratives are delivered through headsets, specially commissioned from comedy writers Richard Herring and David Quantick.


Daedalus: Sasha Diamond
Ariadne/ Pig 1: Luke Bafico
Score: Mr Squishy
Script: Geoff Deane
Voiceovers: David Quantick & Richard Herring
Thanks to: The Place's Staff Choir for providing additional vocals and Nicedragon for costumes

Age guidance: 16+
Duration: 1h 20m (approx.)

"an unsettling mixture of trad pole dancing and something more subversive"

Audience Member

"Like a mind experiment. I felt like I was in a video game."

Audience Member

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