Physical Theatre (Workshop)

David Glass

26 Jan 12.00pm
Sold Out

Physical Theatre (Workshop)

Sold Out
Led by David Glass, this workshop will give the participants a practical approach to physical theatre.

Rooted in the body of the performer, emotion, physical metaphor and action become the key elements of the technique. Beginning deep preparation of the performer, the first element explored is Elan, the French word for ‘life fullness’. David will teach the performer how to have a greater presence on stage. The workshop focuses on the three emotional centres of the body, the basic grammar of movement and fixed points, as well as elements and the struggle of pushing and pulling. Physical styles of theatre including Comedia, Melodrama and Realism will be touched on during the final day.

This class is for people with some previous performance experience, either as theatre students or as professionals.

David Glass is an award-winning performer, director, teacher and creative thinker, having worked in seventy-three countries and having taught over 80,000 people. He trained at the Lecoq and Decroux schools in Paris and studied with Augusto Boal, Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook, Alvin Ailey and Mike Alfreds.

Part of the London International Mime Festival 2019.

When: Sat 26 - Sun 27 Jan (Sat 12 noon–10pm, Sun 10am–2pm)
Cost: £125 (£110 conc.)

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