Oh My God! It’s The Church

Legs Akimbo

15 Jul 8.00pm

Oh My God! It’s The Church

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It's time all you sinners went back to church.

A service where party is the new praising, where you'll be baptised in absinthe and made to dance with the devil himself. Hell, even Jesus gets down and dirty at this raucous Deep South Pentecostal Church party brimming with Heaven-sent soul, Motown and disco tunes. Fronted by the insane pastor Michael Alabama Jackson, the service leads the audience through wild sermons of religious ecstasy. Think Sister Act on speed.

One preacher, three choir girls and an organ player fuse music, dance, theatre and comedy in this all-encompassing Pentecostal party experience. Come and kiss the ring of redemption: get ready to sin, be saved, and then sin all over again in this holy and hilarious hootenanny.

Part of Postcards Festival 2017. All Postcards tickets are Pay What You Decide, which means you can watch it and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Check out our Postcards Festival page for full information.

Age guidance: 18+
Duration: 1h 30m (approx.)
Show info: strong language, smoke/haze, audience participation

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