Naked Truth

Vendetta Vain

22 Jul 23 Jul
Sold Out

Naked Truth

Sold Out
Talk can be dressed up in lies; the truth is always naked.

Is it possible to accelerate the kind of honesty and trust that normally takes months or years to build through the act of removing our ‘social uniforms’ and being in the most open and exposed of states? Is experiencing a private moment with a stranger a way for us to feel we are able to share and confess without judgement? Does nudity engender greater trust?

This one-to-one intimate performance takes place in a private room where the artist is nude and invites the audience member to talk about themselves – any topic they want, without judgement or censure, for 20 minutes. They can request that the artist put on a robe, they can choose to disrobe themselves, they can ask for advice or just ask to be listened to.

Created and presented by circus and performance artist Vendetta Vain, Naked Truth is an experiential event which blurs the boundaries between talking therapy, performance and confession. Exploring our preconceptions about intimacy, honesty and vulnerability, the show seeks to question how we relate to one another, how we trust and how we seek and value human connection.

Part of Postcards 2018. Unlike other Postcards shows, ticket prices for Naked Truth are pre-set and must be bought in advance, due to the unique nature of the performance. Tickets are £10 each.

Duration: 20m
Age guidance: 18+
Show info: Contains nudity throughout; one-on-one audience interaction.

Jacksons Lane reserves the right to refuse entry (without refund) to audience members perceived to be intoxicated or a threat to staff or performers.

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