Check Up: Our NHS at 70

Mark Thomas

9 Jul 8.00pm
Sold Out

Check Up: Our NHS at 70

Sold Out
Mark Thomas is 54, the NHS is 70, UK national average life expectancy is 84.

If Mark makes it to 84 the NHS will be 100; what will they both look like?

Based on a series of interviews with leading experts in and on the NHS and residencies in hospitals and surgeries and with director Nick Kent, Thomas uses his own demise to explore the state we’re in. What's going wrong in our NHS, how it can go right and what might the future hold for all of us?

This is a work-in-progress performance.

Age Guidance: 16+
Duration: 1h 10m (no interval)
Show Info: features adult language

We are unable to admit latecomers to this performance; please allow ample time to arrive and collect your tickets.

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