Inda Pereda

24 Jul 7.30pm
Sold Out


Sold Out
Before Adam and Eve, God made a first draft.

Meet Lubbert, the trial run of man on earth – a man of few words and fewer inhibitions. From his garden, Lubbert’s tortured imagination runs wild.

Grotesque characters and surreal situations abound in this extremely physical non-verbal comedy, based on Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Part of Postcards 2019, our annual Pay What You Want festival. Book your tickets, watch the show and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Duration: 1h
Age guidance: 16+

"Inda Pereda is a stage delirium! An accesible spectacle, a very fun show"

Teatre Barcelona

"An impressive physical journey! A craftsman and professional like Pereda is a breath of fresh air, revealing, current and very precise"

En Platea

"Inda Pereda made me giggle, snort, guffaw and squirm around in my seat"

Red Bastard

"Surrealistic, absurd, grotesque gags but above all really funny"

Audience Member

"Clever, whimsical, imaginative, evocative and really, really funny"

A Younger Theatre

"Demented and utterly delightful. Master at work!"

Theatre Bubble

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