London Calling

Curated by Jessica Andrade

18 Jul 8.00pm
Sold Out

London Calling

Sold Out
Jessica Andrade presents an evening of defiantly diverse performance

Come for a night of sensational circus shorts, live music, spoken word and undefinable acts to engross and enchant.

The London Calling line-up includes:

  • Zayn Phallic (drag king): Zayn Phallic's next-generation style of drag has quickly secured him a place as one of the most influential drag kings in the UK. Known for nudity and mess onstage and collaboration and community off it, he has been featured in national and international media and has earned a residency at legendary queer cabaret night Bar Wotever. He is also the creator and curator of the KOC (Kings of Colour) Initiative, a project that seeks to address the lack of diversity on the drag king scene and that has been instrumental in the rise of a new generation of kings of colour. Described as "hilarious and necessary", Zayn Phallic is the drag king with a heart (and a hard-on) of gold.
  • Zaki Musa (aerialist): Zaki Musa is an award-winning aerialist who specialises and teaches in a wide array of apparatus, including the alluring flying pole – suspended from the ceiling rather than attached to the floor. Requiring grace, flow and strength, he will show you a culmination of his own research and development on the flying pole with some dizzying spins, tricks and transitions.
  • Ese Ighorae (performer): Preview of My Emotions are Centre Stage: Sarah just can’t seem to let things go! Drowning in her own emotions, she’s fed up with life, social media and her ex-boyfriends. She’s bringing them all centre stage.
  • Allie Ho Chee (singer/acrobat/aerial)
  • Krupa (dancer)
  • Nego True (spoken word/musician)

Celebrating the dynamic characters, creeds and cultures of our capital, this is a night where anything goes (and probably will).

Part of Postcards 2018, our annual Pay What You Want festival. Book your tickets, watch the show and pay what you think it's worth afterwards.

Duration: 1h (approx.)
Age guidance: 14+
Show info: Contains adult content

Photo credit: Upswing - Bungee Aerial Dance (David Pickens Photography)

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