Hazel Lam

6 Feb 7.30pm


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An expressionist dance circus mix about being consumed – by plastic and by your own desires.

PVC stretches. A lot. And it's the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. Will the strands of plastic hold my weight? Do I trust them to? How much torture can they bear before they snap?

PVC plastic tubing is a prop, partner and aerial apparatus in this multidisciplinary work, aiming to highlight the power in gentleness and what are usually perceived to be feminine movement qualities.

Part of Chinese Arts Now 2020, a London-wide festival dedicated to exploring contemporary Chinese themes, perspectives and art forms.

Duration: 50 mins
Age Guidance: suitable for all

"Lam is a capable clown, lolloping around the stage in bright-green gum boots... Striking images of her body entangled in plastic tubing"

The Stage

"Hazel moves with the clean, elegant lines of a ballerina. Watery sounds in the pre-recorded soundtrack bubble into a mermaid fantasy"

The Circus Diaries

"A graceful aerial ballet. Lam’s agility amalgamates art-forms to illuminate the strength of the tender"

Mark Aspen for Resolution 2019

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