JL Shorts: Static Trapeze-ish

JL Shorts & Hikapee

16 May 31 Dec

JL Shorts: Static Trapeze-ish

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Esteemed aerialists Hikapee Theatre provide the latest JL Short, combining stop-motion trapeze and, that's right, more planking...

Are you an aerialist or do you want to look like one? Easy peasy static trapezey! Join Edd for some tin can-related planking exercise in this latest JL Short.

Hikapee are an aerial theatre and circus company who produce beautiful and fantastical performances for children and adults.

Please note: this is a free online video, embdedded above. There is no need to book for this video.

JL Shorts are a digital series of brief, occasionally silly, always educational skills videos, helping you exercise, learn new skills and have a bit of fun from the comfort of your own home.

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