JL Shorts: Hands & Headstands

JL Shorts & She Said Jump

30 Jun 31 Dec
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JL Shorts: Hands & Headstands

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Hand exercises and headstands appear in the latest JL Short, by She Said Jump

You've got to hand it to them - physical theatre company She Said Jump have tapped into a zeitgeist with their JL Short, a tutorial showing how to keep your hands strong and dexterous.

In coronavirus times we've all learned to stop shaking hands, open doors with our elbows and generally avoid touching things or people. Even the weekly clap has died down. The nation's hand strength is at risk.

Fortunately, She Said Jump's simple hand exercise will keep those fingers flexible, palms powerful, wrists resilient and knuckles gnarly. And you can top it all off with a headstand!

She Said Jump consists of Maisie Whitehead and Malik Ibheis and combines aerial, circus, clowning and stories. They're working on a show about grief, Daisy Doesn't Panic, which was developed and shared at Jacksons Lane in August 2019.

Please note: this is a free online video, embdedded above. There is no need to book for this video.

JL Shorts are a digital series of brief, occasionally silly, always educational skills videos, helping you exercise, learn new skills and have a bit of fun from the comfort of your own home.

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