Quarantine Sessions: Learn circus from Home

Dan Rose & JL Circus

18 Jan 29 Mar
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Quarantine Sessions: Learn circus from Home

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JL Circus facilitator and professional circus-ers Dan, Kaveh and Miles are on a mission to bring circus entertainment to your home during the lockdown - so limber up and join us for some Quarantine Sessions.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Jacksons Lane's youth circus sessions have gone online as the JL Circus Quarantine Sessions. We now have two terms and over 20 videos packed full of exciting tricks and skills for you to learn, right from the comfort of your home!

JL Circus's facilitators, professional circus artists Kaveh, Dan and Miles, have been busy teaching circus skills through the small screen. Above, you'll see the latest episode - but find all our lessons on our Youtube channel.

If you're not a regular JL Circus participant - no worries, watch along and practice with us!

JL Circus Haringey is funded by Children in Need. You can find more information about JL Circus here.

We've been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists who have shared their own unique skills in a series of Quarantine Session Specials. Have you always wanted to explore the colourful world of drag? Need to learn how to properly stretch before exercising? Feeling like a challenge? Well, how does foot juggling sound? Enjoy all of these specials below:

Quarantine Sessions Presents: Design Your Drag Persona with Adam and Apple

Drag King and Queen Adam All and Apple Derriers have recorded a special guest edition of our weekly circus from home YouTube channel. They’ll be answering fundamental questions such as what is drag and who can do it, before guiding us through the all-important process of designing our very own drag persona.

Informative, creative and extremely entertaining – this guest edition is aimed at younger people aged 8 and up, but is certainly suitable for all the family to get involved!

Quarantine Sessions Presents: Puppetry with Household Items

For this edition of Quarantine Sessions Actor, Theatremaker and Puppeteer Peyvand Sadeghian brings you a 10 minute introduction to puppetry using household objects!

You will need: A small amount of floor space to warm up your arms/hands/wrists/shoulders/neck. A "stage" can be floor space or a table depending on what is comfortable for you. Some suggested objects to have to hand: Plastic Bag, Tea Towel, Mug, And a few other bits around the house you think would be fun to bring to life (safety permitting).

Twitter/Insta: @peyvandofpersia www.peyvand.co.uk

Quarantine Sessions Presents: Circus stretching routine with aerialist Jackie Le

International Circus Artist Jackie Le has filmed an all-important stretching routine to help you all stay comfortable and flexible during those long hours of homeschooling.

Appropriate for all ages, but for younger participants make sure you are supervised by an adult.

Be sure to have rest days from deep stretching, to allow time for your muscles to recover.

Follow more of Jackie’s work: Instagram: @_jackiele_  Website: www.jackiele.com

Quarantine Sessions Presents: Foot Juggling with Ulrike Storch

Finally an episode we can follow whilst lying down on our backs! In today’s edition of Quarantine Sessions, Cabaret Sensation and Foot Juggler Extraordinaire Ulrike Storch introduce us to the world of Foot Juggling.

Don’t forget to share your practice with us and Ulrike, extra points for originality with your choice of object!

Website: www.Footjuggler.com
Socials: @ulrikestorch

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