Green Ginger

11 Jan 13 Jan
Sold Out


Sold Out
A story of advancing technology, big syringes and a tiny submarine.

In a not-too-distant future, people can buy personal cleaners called Intronauts, miniaturised human workers injected into their bodies in order to carry out essential maintenance. But just how much do we actually want to know about what goes on inside ourselves?

Taking its cue from classic sci-fi movies and fuelled by absurd visual comedy, animated sets and innovative puppetry, Intronauts offers an intoxicating inner-body out-of-this-world experience. Join them for a trip that really gets under the skin; after all, what could possibly go wrong?

London premiere.

Part of the London International Mime Festival 2019.

An after-show discussion will take place following the Sat 12 Jan, 3pm performance.

Duration: 1h (no interval)
Age guidance: 12+

"There’s always something wonderfully anarchic about Green inspired mix of art and lunacy"

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"The script is powerful, the production and design brilliantly realised"

Total Theatre on Outpost

"A grotesque, darkly funny show...engaging, rude and quite mad"

The Fix on Outpost

"Powerful puppetry...nothing short of astonishing"

The Stage on Outpost

"Ingeniously dark aesthetic"

The Times on Rust

"Are there no limits to the wondrous worlds and outrageously funny characters they create?"

Terry Gilliam

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