I’m Liquid

Kinetic Orchestra

8 Feb 7.30pm

I’m Liquid

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Watch as people transform into flowing water.

Watch quietly electric movement as it changes forms. Watch four dancers become rippling, threatening, unpredictable, liquid.

In this motion-centric piece by Kinetic Orchestra, a Helsinki-based contemporary dance company, finely-tuned pair work creates an on-stage fluidity which passes viscerally into the audience. Inspired by martial arts culture, I'm Liquid features two pairs of dancers – with specially made costumes that allow them to carry each other, as though weightless.

The 10th full-length work by Jarkko Mandelin for Kinetic Orchestra, I’m Liquid takes a dry look at human life and its emptiness using unfamiliar movement. The title of the work refers to the metaphor of the body transforming into water, known from martial arts films.

Part of Jacksons Lane's Made in Finland programme, showcasing the best, most entertaining contemporary Finnish performance.

Age guidance: suitable for all
Duration: 45m

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