Reetta Honkakoski Company

29 Oct 30 Oct


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In the moments between sleep and waking, imagination rules.

The classic tale of an overbearing family takes a literal turn in this fragmented and surreal story of three bears and a girl on the brink of consciousness.

Told with hypnotic movement and a hallucinatory narrative progression, Hypnagogia stages the battle with fear, loneliness and trauma – as embodied by a girl growing up in a world run by men.

This intensely emotive expression of the subconscious mind’s transformative power is performed by an international cast of accomplished corporeal mime artists, collaborating with the Reetta Honkakoski Company.

Age guidance: 10+
Duration: 1h 10m

"Unstoppable and dynamic, with a mischievous wink.”

Voima, The Desk

"Deep associations in a realm of precise expression"

Theatre Info Finland, The Desk

"Evocative, emotionally driven and dreamy"

Audience member

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