Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By Hiccup Theatre & Derby Theatre

30 Nov 24 Dec
Sold Out

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Sold Out
Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Goldilocks comes to Jacksons Lane for our 2019 Christmas show!

Follow the naughty Goldilocks into the woods as she seeks the bowl of porridge that isn’t too hot, and isn’t too cold, but is “just right.” Little does she know that Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear were really looking forward to breakfast…

Hiccup Theatre and Derby Theatre serve up a brand new version of this classic tale with bear-sized helpings of original live music, amazing puppetry and captivating storytelling.

Hilarious and heartwarming, it’s “just right” for the entire family.

£10 tickets (33% off) on 10am weekend shows (30 Nov – 15 Dec)

Duration: 55 minutes
Age guidance: 3+ (suitable for many 2 year olds)

Information about how to get to Jacksons Lane can be found here.

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