Ensonglopedia of Science

John Hinton

22 Sep 12.00pm & 3.00pm
Sold Out

Ensonglopedia of Science

Sold Out
What happens when you mix music, theatre and science? An explosive chemical reaction that’s off the pH scale!

Expect atoms, black holes, cells, DNA and everything in between. Expect folk, gospel, hip hop, interpretative dance, jive and klezmer. Expect the alphabet to feature quite a bit. Expect the unexpected and expect it to rhyme.

In just over one hour, multi-award winning writer and performer John Hinton will take you on a journey through his Ensonglopedia of Science.

Duration: 1 hour 10 mins
Age guidance: 7+ (advanced science, though younger siblings are more than welcome. Also entirely suitable for adults without kids)

"Mesmerising! John Hinton doesn’t just own the stage, he owns the room"

Musical Talk

“Wow! What a demonstration of the immense range of science. Outstanding show!”

Fringe Review

"This is awesome. The show’s motor is Hinton’s incredible intelligence, exuberance, and the sheer breadth of his creativity"

Pro Theatre

"Gloriously intricate lyrics... demands your full attention but rewards it with plenty of offbeat humour"

Fringe Guru

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