Developing the Connection (Workshop)

Mervyn Millar

20 Jan 10.00am
Sold Out

Developing the Connection (Workshop)

Sold Out
A one-day workshop for professional puppeteers working with multi-operator puppets.

What can we do to develop the connections between puppeteers - to make the puppet feel more alive, more intuitive, more reactive?

This workshop is for puppeteers to explore this area using simple puppets and objects. Some experience with multi-operator puppets is desirable.

Mervyn Millar is the author of 'Puppetry: How to Do It', a book taking the techniques used for training War Horse puppeteers, and expanding it into a set of principles for a versatile puppet performer. He is the director of Significant Object, which designs and directs puppetry for theatre shows in the UK and internationally.

Part of the London International Mime Festival 2019.

When: Sun 20 Jan, 10am–6pm
Cost: £70 (£60 conc.)

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