Circulus: Circus in an abandoned building

4 Feb 4 Sep

Circulus: Circus in an abandoned building

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Created by Remy Archer and Luke Hallgarten, Circulus follows a series of contemporary circus artists through an abandoned building. Watch it now.

As our transformational development continues Jacksons Lane has taken on the silence of a liminal space. Communal spaces simply aren't the same when they cannot be brought to life by having people inside them.

Since the lockdown began, we can all feel a desire to return to public spaces and to recontextualise them on our own terms.

These feelings made us appreciate the power of Circulus all over again.

This contemporary circus film was created by Remy Archer and Luke Hallgarten. Circulus features many artists who later appeared at Jacksons Lane in performances, co-productions and residencies, and was the Deutsche Bank Award Winner at National Centre for Circus Arts in 2014.

The artists have kindly agreed to allow us to present their work, which has gained a new potency as a consequence of global and national events. Explore this mesmerising short film now below.


Circus in an abandoned factory from Remy Archer on Vimeo.

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