Understanding Visual Vernacular (Workshop)

Brian Duffy

2 Feb 10.30am

Understanding Visual Vernacular (Workshop)

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Combining physical theatre, mime, facial expressions and British Sign Language.

Visual Vernacular is a fairly new to the performing arts and is a storytelling style performed mostly by Deaf artists.

In this one-day workshop, which is open to everyone, Duffy will show you how to construct a story for Visual Vernacular, and how to improve your own material. All you need is to have an interest in physical theatre, and or know a sign language.

Brian Duffy is an actor, filmmaker, and consultant. He co-created and wrote (with Ace Mahbaz) the comedy series Small World about a group of deaf flatmates, acknowledged to be the first sitcom of its kind.

Date: Sun 2 Feb
Time: 10.30am - 6pm
Venue: Jacksons Lane, Space 2

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