9 Minutes

National Centre for Circus Arts

12 Jun 15 Jun
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9 Minutes

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What would you do if you knew these were the last minutes of your life?

Bear witness to nine intersecting stories depicting the last nine minutes of nine characters’ lives, changing perceptions of what it means to be alive.

Through contemporary dance, spoken word, circus and music, 9 Minutes offers a wakeup call. Based on neuroscience research, rituals and altered states of consciousness, this show challenges the common perception that our lives are slipping past.

The National Centre for Circus Arts, one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education, returns to Jacksons Lane to present its 2019 BA (Hons) ensemble piece. The show’s creative team includes acclaimed choreographer Jorge Crecis, music and sound by Domenico Angarano, script-writer Paula Paz, set consultant Ricardo Pardo and lighting designer Muly Yechezkel.

Supported by Jacksons Lane.

Duration: 1h
Age guidance: 12+
Show info: Contains adult content

Concept and Direction: Jorge Crecis
Script Writer: Paula Paz
Script Writer (Man & Bird Section): Alistair Hall & Anna Walden
Original Music and Sound Design: Domenico Angarano
Lighting Design: Muly Yechezkel
Set Design: Jorge Crecis in collaboration with The Sixfold Project
Set Consultant and Costumes: Ricardo Pardo
Production Manager: Tom Albu
Show Rigger: Steve Ryan
Stage Manager: Emily Louise Palmer
Deputy Stage Manager: Emily Melville-Brown
9 minutes Producer and Touring : Emily Crouch

"The dance builds up stunning momentum and intricacy — weaving and knotting, bursting out and leaping. Exhilarating"

The Times on Jorge Crecis' Twelve

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