24 Hour Theatre: Journeys

Nuu Theatre & Jacksons Lane

12 May 7.30pm
Sold Out

24 Hour Theatre: Journeys

Sold Out
Every day we journey.

Whether near or far, public or personal, pilgrimage or post-office run, life is a series of journeys which all have a story to be told...

When a group of actors and directors assemble in one rehearsal room for 24 hours to challenge themselves and collaborate with each other, they can create some epic theatre... and fast!

Join us for a night of vibrant new theatre as a collective of artists undertake the ultimate theatrical challenge.

Apply to be a actor or director in the 24 Hour Theatre project here.

Duration: 2h (approx.)
Age guidance: 14+
Tickets: £3 (plus £1.95 fees when booking online or over the phone)

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