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Jacksons Lane has unique, versatile and affordable rooms for a variety of hire uses. With spaces ranging from the stunning expanse of Studio 1 to the more intimate Space 5 we have something for everyone. Our enquiries form isn't working at the moment; please email [email protected] with hire requests.
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What a great venue, beautiful studio and the friendliest staff ever – really reasonably priced and easy to get to. Already rebooked for my next event!
Zoe McNulty

Frequently asked questions

  • What are your hire rates for rehearsals and auditions?

    Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

  • Do you have charity or discounted rates?

    As Jacksons Lane is itself a charity – we are unable to guarantee discounts to other charities or non profit organisations.

  • Do you take a deposit?

    No deposit is necessary unless a space or studio booking is made 6 months or more in advance. For Theatre hire, a deposit may be required.

    Full payment is due in advance of the first event date or within 21 days of an invoice (whichever comes first) as per the terms outlined in the invoice and Hire Agreement.

  • How long will you hold a space for me?

    During the booking process, we are happy to pencil your booking(s) in to our calendar for safe-keeping.

    We will hold the booking for you unless we get additional bookings for this space during this period at which point we will get in contact to ask you to either confirm the booking with payment in full or release the date.

  • Do you have a minimum hire time?

    For space hire: No, we are flexible and happy to provide our spaces to you based on the times you need, subject to availability.

    For theatre hire for rehearsal purposes: Yes, you can hire for a minimum hire of 4 hours with limited technical assistance included.

    Please note that any set-up and clean-down must be included in your hire times. Unless additional time is booked, you won’t be able to get into the space prior and will be expected to leave the space empty and tidy by the hire end time. If you choose not to and you overrun, you will be charged overrunning fees at a higher rate.

  • Can I hire a space exclusively?

    All hires have exclusive use to spaces hired between the times confirmed. Beyond these times, the spaces may be used by other hirers or Jacksons Lane's classes & courses.

  • Can I store my equipment overnight?

    Storage at Jacksons Lane is limited and not included in the cost to hire a space. All hirers are expected to leave the space empty and tidy by the hire end time.

    Please contact the hires team to discuss storage possibilities, availability and rates.

  • Does Jacksons Lane have tables and chairs we can use?

    Absolutely! Each of our spaces has access to tables and chairs. If you plan on needing a lot of either, please discuss with our hires team to confirm availability.

  • Can we hire a piano from you?

    A piano can be provided at no additional charge in our ground floor spaces: Studio 2, Space 3, Space 4 and Space 5. Due to the stairs, there is no piano in Studio 1 and hirers would have to provide their own keyboard.

    Should you like the piano tuned prior to your booking, we can do so for £60 + VAT.

    Please contact the hires team to confirm availability of a piano for your booking.

  • Can Jacksons Lane help with the marketing of my event?

    Unfortunately, no. The marketing of all outside events is the sole responsibility of the hirer. Marketing on Jacksons Lane's website, brochures and foyer flyer racks is only available to our supported classes and courses programme.

  • Can you provide catering for my booking?

    Yes, Pink Cafe is open from 10am - 6pm every day and serves fresh and delicious home-cooked food, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, locally sourced cakes and treats.

  • Can I bring in my own food and drink?

    Only food and drink purchased at the onsite Pink Cafe or the Jacksons Lane bar can be consumed in the foyer and cafe.

Spaces for rehearsals & auditions

Studio 1

Studio 1 is the largest studio at Jacksons Lane with stunning church features. Fully equipped as a dance studio, with a sprung dance floor, mirrored wall and PA system, Studio 1 is perfect for rehearsing large scale theatre productions or holding dance workshops.

Dimensions: 8m x 37m

Max capacity: 120 people

Situated on the first floor & accessible only via a spiral staircase

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is situated on the ground floor and is fully accessible for wheelchair users. It features a mirrored wall, fully sprung dance floor and a PA system. It is the ideal space for both theatre and dance rehearsals and auditions.

Dimensions: 7m x 10m

Max capacity: 80 people

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

Space 3

Space 3 is situated on the ground floor and is fully accessible. This space is ideal for small-scale auditions, workshops, and rehearsals. With a supply of tables and chairs, this is a great space for meetings and any desk based work. Adjoining Space 4 can also be hired out to enlarge the space.

Dimensions: 6m x 9m

Max Capacity: 35 people

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

Space 4

Packed full of original features and flooded with natural light, Space 4 is ideal for circus based activities, creative workshops, auditions and meetings. Space 4 is situated on the ground floor and is fully accessible.

Dimensions: 6m x 10m

Max Capacity: 40 people

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

Space 5

Space 5 is a self-contained room with its own entrance and toilets, making it the perfect space for readings, intimate auditions and week-long rehearsals. There is also the option for Space 5 to become a black-out room.

Dimensions: 7m x 7m

Max Capacity: 25 people

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.


The theatre has a semi-sprung dance floor, overhead rigging points on a truss and sound equipment to meet your needs. It is great for aerial circus as one of the closest riggable spaces in London zones 1-3, or group rehearsals in preparation for a show.

Dimensions: 10.7m wide x 6.3m deep

Max Capacity: 166 people

This is for private rehearsals only – if an audience will be entering the space, you would need to pay for show rate.

See Theatre Hires page for more information.

Please contact Jacksons Lane on [email protected] for rates.

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