Lockdown Lunch

Lockdown Lunch is a warm and weekly online community sharing writing, live performance and connection.

Lockdown Lunch was our pandemic offspring of Social Lunch, but it has evolved into something quite of its own. 

Facilitated by Clair Chapwell (founder of Spare Tyre Theatre Company), Clair sets guests a new theme every week such as ‘Masks’, ‘Hands’ or ‘Summer in The City’, and they use it as a stimulus to create poems, paintings, stories and songs to perform to the group at the next Lockdown Lunch. 

The results have been staggering! Talents unlocked, community formed, and the most beautiful creations composed and performed each week. We even have a soap opera with weekly instalments that is written and directed by Clair, and acted entirely by our participants.

I had never sung in front of anyone before, or shared any writing. I do both of these things every week now, with confidence and joy! It is a testament to the specialness of this group.

– Participant

Lockdown Lunch has become many things: a writing group, a welcome distraction from the current moment, an impetus to stay creatively energised throughout the week and a place to make and meet with friends. 

Lockdown Lunch is the light of my week. I feel so held.

– Participant


Delightfully, we have created two Lockdown Lunch podcasts. The first is a 3-part mini-series featuring the Lockdown Lunch soap opera CORONA SISTERS

Listen here


The second is a poetry podcast called WE WERE THINKING ABOUT…

This warm, funny and profound podcast weaves together the poetry and stories from our Lockdown Lunchers. A heart-warming and intimate listen.


Join Lockdown Lunch

This online oasis of creativity and kindness has been a shining light amidst all the uncertainty. To find out more and get involved, email [email protected]

When: Every Thursday, 2pm – 3:30pm 

Where: Zoom 

Who: Any person over 55 

Price: FREE