JL Youth Board

The decision-makers

The JL Youth Board is formed of a core group of JL Circus participants and offers a platform for young people’s voices: a creative and interactive space to shape the future development of JL Circus.

There are many advantages to being part of the Youth Board including:

  • Getting to be part of the decision-making process on all our projects.
  • Learning new skills that are great for your CV
  • Learning how to manage your own events
  • Benefiting from work experience opportunities
  • Free tickets to performances at Jacksons Lane and other venues
  • Being the first to benefit from other opportunities such as the National Youth Circus Weekend.
  • Gain mentoring opportunities from Jacksons Lane staff
A group of young performers holding hands on stage
A young performer on stage
A young performer knelt on stage in a neon light ring
Young performers swinging ribbons in the air on stage
A young performer on stilts wearing a mask and carrying two masks in their hands
A room of people laid on their backs with their knees raised
A group of schoolchildren making a human pyramid
A schoolchild balancing on their head
A person lying down with filtered light across their face
A dancer with long curly hair, wearing a long black sleeveless top and shorts

Learn more about the Youth Board

Download the document below to find out more about the benefits of being a member.