Adaptation: Enough Already

07 Mar 2024

State of Mind

Including Q&A with Dr Gabor Maté

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Tilda is a busy working Mum, caught in the unsatisfying squeeze between huge responsibilities at the office, the invisible mental and emotional load at home, and a yearning to remember who she is and what she used to love. Add menopause, unspoken social norms that she’s unwittingly internalized, teenage kids, an aging mother – and there you have it: enough already!

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Adaptation gives the audience an interactive and experiential understanding of gender constructs that keep both women and men limited to certain roles and scripts in their work and home lives. Inspired by the work of Dr Gabor Maté, Nkem Ndefo & others, it explores the interplay between these two spheres of life and asks why women, and particularly women of colour, account for 70-80% of autoimmune diseases.

The play explores attachment to old patterns and outdated mental models that, in the ragged spaces between work life and the sometimes demanding monotony of family life, argue with the growing inner need for authenticity and self-expression. The latter are stymied at every turn by convention and social norms and we see the protagonist wrestling with her desire to break free of these constraints, in the quest for a more meaningful life – and perhaps even a saner world.

Following the performance, there will be a Q&A session chaired by Mary Daniels, Medicinal Storyteller, Speaker, Author and Coach. The session will be with Dr Gabor Maté whose ground-breaking, New York Times best-selling books have transformed the way we think about childhood trauma, the attachment-authenticity dilemma, and the relationship between emotional suppression and long term physical and mental health.

Adaptation: Enough Already is presented by State of Mind.

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“This was one of the most amazing plays I’ve ever experienced. So sophisticated, so creative, so real, so deep, so bold. Poignant and engaging.”

“Fun, original and educational. Fantastic!”

“If my parents had seen your play, I don’t think they’d be divorced now.”

“Highly engaging and so skilfully crafted. I loved it.”

Please be aware that this performance contains use of

Strong language
Themes of Sexism
Audience participation

If you have any other concerns or questions about the performance, please contact our team and we do our best to help.

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Thu 07 Mar 2024
3:00 PM