Jacksons Lane’s Social Impact

Stuart Cox 12 January 2017

An independent report shows Jacksons Lane is building confidence in people and contributing to stronger, more successful communities.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2016 leading arts consultants BOP Consulting (who have worked with the BFI, Royal Opera House and Arts Council England) investigated the social impact we have in the local communities we work in.

They interviewed participants of all ages and analysed our data. We are really excited by what they found.

It has increased my confidence. Because I am able to come here and I am able to share my little talent in front of others and seeing I can make people smile

social-impactThe report highlights some of the great activities that we offer people of all ages that are happening across traditionally excluded communities throughout Tottenham, Wood Green and beyond. This includes: our flagship JL Circus programme that enables young people to work alongside professional circus artists; a music programme improving GCSE Music; and social activities for older people that reduces isolation. We were thrilled that the report picks up on the high quality of the delivery of our work.

 young people felt they were getting access to quality teaching they would not get access to otherwise

sean-casestudyThe report then goes on to highlight some of the outcomes that our work is producing. It shows how our work is increasing confidence, happiness, well-being, creative skills, interpersonal skills and strengthening social bonds. For the increase in confidence the report showed that eight in ten older people reported feeling more confident about their ability to learn new things. For well-being it shows that 74% of our young people are benefiting from learning in a fun environment that is different from school.

I’m not sure I would have progressed to further education if I didn’t attend Jacksons Lane

So what difference does this make to communities? The reports shows that when these outcomes happen they improve educational attainment, which creates more economically successful communities, and that the increased well-being we bring translates into increased social cohesion and stronger communities.

This entire experience has also helped to encourage the development of a more mature and independent version of myself. Jacksons Lane really seems to have put a lot of effort in to making young people (such as I feel) that way

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