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Melian Mansfield 15 May 2017

INVITATION: Wednesday 17 May 2017 at Jacksons Lane, 1pm - 4pm

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Drop-in consultation regarding potential redevelopment of Jacksons Lane and relocation of Highgate Library

Lighting in studio 1.

Studio space at Jacksons Lane

The team at Jacksons Lane is currently working with Highgate Library Action Group and Haringey Council to conduct a feasibility study into whether it may be physically, financially and generally possible to relocate Highgate Library on Shepherds Hill to our Jacksons Lane site.

This ambitious proposal would involve a multi-million pound capital project designed to create outstanding and lasting facilities for the local community. Jacksons Lane has appointed leading architect Katy Marks of Citizens Design Bureau, to look at the feasibility of the project. Katy was shortlisted in 2015 by Architects Journal as Emerging Woman Architect of the Year and you can find out more about her award-winning work here:

We are planning to host a series of community consultations with the Library over the coming months to look at the viability of whether or not the relocation would be possible. It is very early days but we are keen that thorough and meaningful consultation occurs before any decisions about relocation are made. The first consultation event will take place on Wednesday 17 May at Jacksons Lane and will be a chance to meet architect Katy Marks. We're keen to talk extensively to library users, Jacksons Lane users, to our broader community and local residents. Drop in any time between 1pm and 4pm on Wednesday 17 May for a discussion - your views can help shape the future.

three young girls holding JL Circus flyers smile at the camera

Jacksons Lane's outreach programmes

As a registered charity that was founded by determined community activists, Jacksons Lane is committed to serving its community. As an arts and cultural venue we have been serving that community for over 40 years with an exciting programme of performances, arts participation, cultural education and outreach work. We are one of Arts Council England's National Portfolio Organisations and we feel well placed to investigate a visionary project such as this.

- Jacksons Lane has doubled its turnover in the last 7 years
- we have a history of successful fundraising, service delivery and outreach
- we have 3,800 people a week using our building
- we have robust finances and financial management, with suitable reserves
- we raise and spend funds in line with our mission
- a strong management team and an engaged, local Board to which we would like to add someone representing the library
- we have applied for £2.5 million from an Arts Council building refurbishment fund
- London Borough of Haringey has committed to investing proceeds from the sale of the old library building into a new building
- we are confident we have a great case to take to other funders
- we can foresee a £6-6.5million project to create a best-in-class cultural hub

We are working closely with Haringey Library Service and Highgate Library Action Group to look in detail at whether it would be possible to create an enhanced library provision, not possible in the current space, that embraces the best in modern library resources. By having the two organisations - Jacksons Lane and Highgate Library - side-by-side, we would anticipate the ‘core Jacksons Lane’ footfall would encourage more visitors to the library and similarly, library users could take advantage of Jacksons Lane's facilities. London Borough of Haringey have made a commitment that the library would not close during building works, should they go ahead, to minimise any disruption to the library service.

An inter-generational theatre project at Jacksons Lane

Inter-generational theatre project at Jacksons Lane

The aim would be to improve and secure the library for the future: an updated offer, in a new home and part of an independent cultural hub, linking the cultural activity in the area. It's an ambitious vision and this feasibility study is to find out if such a vision is possible. We would like to know your thoughts.

We hope you can join us for our first in a series of consultation events where we consider whether this idea is feasible.

Please drop in to Jacksons Lane on Wednesday 17 May 2017 at Jacksons Lane, 1pm – 4pm to find out more.

Melian Mansfield
Chairman, Jacksons Lane

PS If you cannot join us on Wednesday 17 May, Highgate Library Action Group will be hosting their AGM at Highgate Library on Shepherd's Hill on Wednesday 24 May 2017, 7-9pm.

More consultation event dates will follow over the coming months.

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