JL Nominated for Green Award

Ruth Turner 02 July 2018

Nominated for a Creative Green award were we, eh? An award ceremony at the Roundhouse, I see. Verrrrry interesting.

This is it! This is the chance for the Operations team to emerge out of the gloom of the maintenance cupboard and take the spotlight (*LED of course). Here we go:

JL were recently awarded a 4* Creative Green certification after we received funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery. The funding was for a project called Jacksons Grow, a long-awaited partnership between Outreach and Operations – a project to engage local residents within the community and to create environmental change. We’re growing vegetables! That you can eat! In OUR GARDEN!

Emerging out of this beautiful community-driven project is our nomination for BEST NEWCOMER AWARD at the Creative Green Awards. I’m not sure what the criteria for this award is but if I had to guess why we were nominated I might guess the below 3 reasons:

  1. Having never been certified previously, we burst dramatically onto the scene with FOUR STARS. ‘Where did they come from?’ the other Creative Green organisations whisper.
  2. We’re now completely powered by renewable electricity; you know, like from that sun that’s nourishing the plants in our garden? Or the wind that’s blowing though the leaves making them crackle? Isn’t it magical.
  3. Environmental sustainability is one of four key bottom lines in the business plan meaning that our team is held accountable for environmental sustainability, just as we are for financial sustainability. Ka-ching!

We’ll have to wait until the awards ceremony to find out if we’ve won. We are so very excited – hope you are too!

If you’d like to know more about our actions to improve environmental sustainability, take a look at our Jacksons Grow project and keep a look out for more blog posts.

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