100% Renewable Energy

Ruth Turner 01 March 2018

Usually, the quarterly environmental meetings at Jacksons Lane celebrate small wins, like an incremental decrease in power usage, or printing, or research and ideas into projects we might undertake.

This week, however, we can get excited and shout: WE’RE NOW BEING SUPPLIED WITH 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY!

Ahead of our building development project, the team has been looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint ahead of the redevelopment, such as ways to reduce the power we’re already using, and using power more efficiently. And while ‘using less energy’ is the usual response when talking about reducing the negative impact of carbon emissions – and we’ll continue to try to reduce emissions – now that we’re using renewable power, it presents an exciting opportunity to think differently about our attitude to our power supply: To feel less guilt over our gallons of carbon emissions, and creates a space to have more fun.

I’d say – as ecologist Tim Morton puts it – “You think ecologically tuned life means being all efficient and pure. Wrong. It means you can have a disco in every room of your house.” And boy, do we plan to disco at Jacksons Lane!

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