Tweet, tweet! Cwir, cwir! Tist, tist!

20 Mar 2022

Nordic Exposure (Iceland)

Nanna Gunnars and Ewa Marcinek

A storytelling adventure for kids and their grownups.

Told in English, Icelandic, Polish and bird song, Tweet, tweet! Ćwir, ćwir! Tíst, tíst! uses the tale of migrating birds to speak about the power of a journey: having a courage to follow one’s dreams, persisting in achieving one’s goals, being open and receptive with the world.

This interactive and accessible performance invites you to move, make noise and have fun.

Created by Polish author Ewa Marcinek, who lives between Iceland and the UK, and Nanna Gunnars, an Icelandic theatre-maker and actress.

Suitable for all ages, aimed at 5-10 year olds

Part of Nordic Exposure. A season of performances bringing Nordic culture to London.


Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland with additional support from the UK Embassies of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and The Faroe Islands


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