23 Apr 2022

Nordic Exposure (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden)

Spindrift Theatre

Toxic masculinity has a tight grip on society and everyone in it.

Four women from Iceland and Finland explore how toxic masculinity shapes gender roles, narrows our horizons and makes people behave against their better nature, bringing to light the taboos of masculinity.

Based on over 40 interviews with men from different backgrounds, THEM is a devised theatre piece by Nordic theatre company Spindrift Theatre. Collated since 2016, the interviews were held with men from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, Australia, Chile and France. They discuss their relationship to their gender and biological sex, their childhood and role models, their emotional life and dreams, their sexuality and fears. The four actors also contributed their own thoughts, discussing their encounters with toxic masculinity.

Suitable for ages 12+

Part of Nordic Exposure. A season of performances bringing Nordic culture to London.


Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland with additional support from the UK Embassies of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and The Faroe Islands


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