The Sensuous Movement Class

24 Jan 2022 - 04 Apr 2022

Monday classes

Start the week with Sensuous Movement Class and recover the joyful, confident, more grounded and sensuous you. You’ll flow through kundalini yoga kriyas to guided sensuous and sensual movements eventually relaxing you into your own individual dance ritual. The one that works for you and helps you rediscover your natural high, tingling those forgotten body sensations. The class is a fun, inclusive and sensuous journey of personal discovery, re-establishing your relationship with your body.

Important note: If you feel intimidated, self-conscious, and scared to dance in the company of other women or think you have two left feet and cannot dance – that means you need to experience this movement class the most! The curiosity to what’s possible for you and courage to try will reward you in unexpected ways. Please feel at ease – there’ll be no technical or choreographed steps to follow, only guidance that will allow you to follow your own internal rhythm.

Here are some ways that practicing this class can help you – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Release tension, stress, and stiffness
  • Unblock the hips and the rest of your body
  • Bring the glow back, the joy and ease into your being
  • Ground yourself and connect to feeling good inside
  • Supercharge your confidence that will spill into all areas of your life
  • Build up strength and find mobility
  • Choose a new perspective to continue your week
  • Watch others notice positive shifts in how you show up in life

£15 drop in or £109 per term (eight classes)

Yoga mats are available or bring your own if you have one. Wear yoga leggings and if you like bring antislip socks for your comfort when moving on the floor (if barefoot is uncomfortable for you).

For more information and to book contact Sandra on 07934669088 or email [email protected]

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