Tangle. . . In The Womb of a Juggler

02 Jun 2022

Francesca Mari

In the Kingdom of Tonga there is an ancient tradition of women juggling. Almost every schoolgirl will know how to juggle.

The atmospheric new contemporary circus show from Francesca Mari Tangle…in the womb of a juggler explores movement in an abstract dream, freely inspired by the myths and legends of Tonga, femininity and juggling.

Created through conversations Francesca had with people when travelling around Tonga, Tangle is a tribute made by an Italian juggler to a traditional culture which unites women with the immense joy brought by the simple act of throwing objects.

Tangle is inspired by the game ‘hiko’ of the Tongan islands. A game in which tui-tui nuts are thrown into the air in a circular pattern while singing a counting song. A game only played by women.

In combining her own practice with that of hiko traditions, Francesca aims to highlight femininity and what brings women together in differing cultures, using object manipulation, dance and antipodism (foot juggling).

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