13 Mar 2022

Half Moon

Simon Victor performing in Party wearing a tutu, black jacket , novelty glasses and party hat. Confetti falls around him

Afonso wants to go to his best friend’s birthday party, but where is his invitation? Has it been lost in the post? Or maybe he wasn’t even invited? When it finally arrives the excitement and nerves become too much to handle. What should he wear? Will they have balloons? Will anyone play with him? And what about the cake?

Heartfelt, provocative and full of quirky humour, Party features striking, colourful designs and a glorious contemporary soundtrack. Let the warmth of a Portuguese summer take you to a place where difference is something to celebrate.

Party was created and live-recorded at Half Moon without an audience during lockdown 2021. Now, after much digital acclaim, Half Moon invites little ones and their grown-ups to experience a live performance of this unforgettable zany birthday party.

#PartyShow / @halfmoontheatre

Suitable for ages 2-5

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