Hold On

20 Mar 2022

Nordic Exposure (Finland, Norway, Sweden)

Fheel Concepts

Don a virtual reality headset and see through the eyes of an aerial artist as they take the emotional journey from backstage and out onto the stage. Feel the fragility of the moment when you look down and find yourself suspended 10 meters above the ground, in front of the audience.

​Based on former aerial artist Corinne Linder’s life experiences, Hold On offers the opportunity to discover the different sensations usually experienced by artists on stage: the danger, the adrenaline and the joy.

Hold On is an immersive experience in mixed reality. Thrilling visuals combine with evocative scents and interactions to take you into the unique and extraordinary world of aerial circus artists.

Suitable for ages 8+

Part of Nordic Exposure. A season of performances bringing Nordic culture to London.


Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland with additional support from the UK Embassies of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and The Faroe Islands


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