Curious Investigators

26 Feb 2023

One Tenth Human

Scribble and Clipboard sort the recycling together
Yellow buckets hang in a line
Actor dressed in a highlighter yellow jumpsuit holds two light up sticks up in front of her.

Scribble and Clipboard have a job to do: sort the recycling. But Scribble keeps finding new things to investigate. When she discovers a mysterious egg hidden in the rubbish, the pair need the audience’s help to rescue an unborn chick. Can we save a mysterious egg from a smashing? And what will we discover along the way?

Curious Investigators is a cracking adventure created in collaboration with engineering experts from Lancaster University: a delightfully surprising, highly visual show for 3 to 7- year-olds and their grown-ups.

This brand-new family show has been hatched by One Tenth Human, commissioned by Big Imaginations and supported by Backstage Trust.

Suitable for ages 3-7

Photos: Grant Archer

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