Ballet Performance: Christmas Triple Bill

03 Dec 2022

London Ballet Theater

Part A

Conrad, a dashing pirate who travels to a faraway land for the adventure’s thrills and his feisty girlfriend Medora. Trying to outfox all evil schemes and find their true happily ever after on the high seas.

From a luxurious Palace to a vibrant market and to a moonlit cave, this romantic ballet is full of thrilling dances creating a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable spectacle.

Part B

Set in 1920’s in New York City, a ballet related to a dynamism that existed only in New York City of 1920s; a ballet choreography that brings out the exuberance of City life. A choreography related to boxing and horse-racing, cocktail dresses, and cocktail parties. Danced to George Gershwin music and introduced by the unique sound of saxophone, this will be a captivating experience.

London Ballet Theater consists of volunteer dancers and the performance is in support of Providence Row Housing Association.

Suitable for ages 8+

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