Acting Classes for ages 10-17 | YPS of Acting

01 Nov 2022 - 13 Dec 2022

Tuesday classes

YPS of Acting deliver high quality acting classes for ages 10 -17. Taught only by trained working actors, directors and casting directors, this is an acting class like no other. This class does not involve any singing or dancing. Each term the students will experience various industry workshops, such as filming, stage fighting, accents, directing.

The Young Pro School of Acting currently runs six successful classes in Surrey and are now opening new schools in central London and here at Jacksons Lane. This is a great time to join as all their students at these locations will be new and ready to start their acting training together. A typical term at YPS of Acting is 10 weeks long, but as its our first term here it is slightly shorter.

Autumn term

This term will be about learning professional acting technique, getting to know their new peers and applying their new technique to acting for screen – they will work with professional camera equipment. They will also get a chance to meet three different industry professionals including a casting director.

YPS of Acting are on a mission to create a new generation of actors that are talented, confident and kind.

Ages 10-13

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Ages 14-17

7:30pm – 9:30pm

Auditions: Tuesday 11 October

Sign up before 11 October to secure your place.

For more information and to book contact Lily Driver-Thurtston on 07342 189 886 or [email protected]

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