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Independent evaluators calculated our positive impact on businesses in Haringey

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Christmas Day at Jacksons Lane

Find out more about the work we do every Christmas Day for older and disabled people who would otherwise spend Christmas alone.

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We devise projects that work with people living in some of the most deprived wards in London

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Social Impact

Assessing the social impact we have in the community

In 2016 Jacksons Lane commissioned independent consultants and specialist evaluators BOP Consulting to assess and measure the positive social impact that Jacksons Lane and its activities has on the people taking part, and on the communities they live in, with a particular focus in Tottenham and Wood Green.

Here's what they found.

Who is benefiting?

BOP report: “The research has found that, first, Jacksons Lane reaches groups that other arts programmes typically do not.”
They discovered that the people we work with “come from areas of high social and economic deprivation. In particular they come from areas with poor access to employment opportunities.”

JL creates economic benefits such as reducing unemployment, especially amongst young people

What is their experience of taking part?

The consultants found that “the experience of interviewees was uniformly positive.” In their conclusion, they found our activities “are well run and effective. Importantly, our observation was that they were genuinely open, inclusive and engaging (which is not always found in programmes of this sort).”

What difference has Jacksons Lane made?

The research showed that six key outcomes are being made from our work:

Jacksons Lane Young Circus Showcase Photo Credit: Richard Davenport richard@rwdavenport.co.uk

Jacksons Lane Young Circus Showcase

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Gaining creative skills
  • Strengthened social bonds
  • Raised aspirations

Long term impact for communities

BOP highlighted two major long-term benefits that our work is creating:

  • Jacksons Lane impacts positively on educational attainment and workforce readiness
  • Jacksons Lane is creating engagement and a sense of belonging

Jacksons Lane brings about social cohesion – building a sense of belonging and affiliation with a community.

BOP Consulting, The Social Impact of Jacksons Lane, 2016

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