Jacksons Lane is committed to reducing our environmental impact through becoming a more sustainable, responsible organisation.

We will halve our absolute environmental impact by 2018

Jacksons Lane Business Plan 2015 - 2018

We work with Julie’s Bicycle, a charity which promotes environmental sustainability within arts organisations, who advise us in various ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently focusing on water usage, energy usage, waste management and travel.

In 2018 we were awarded a 4-star rating by Julie's Bicycle, recognising our environmental commitment, understanding and improvement.

4-star Creative Green rating from Julie's Bicycle (2017-18)

Here's the headlines we’re working towards:

  • We will establish a baseline for carbon emissions, towards halving our absolute environmental impact by 2018;
  • We aim to be on track for zero emissions and waste to landfill by 2023.
  • We aim to keep attitudes of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle in place across all departments
  • We will continue towards making environmental sustainability within the arts imaginative, rather than restrictive.
  • We aim to be a model of best practice for environmental sustainability in historic buildings.

We have an Environmental Planning Team which meets regularly to discuss our progress towards meeting our goals, new ideas and developing our environmental action plan. This plan outlines to integral, day-to-day procedures which enable us to improve our sustainability, as well as long term planning for moving forward.

Since 2013, we have reduced our carbon emissions from energy by 75%

Circus performers use the green spaces of Highgate Wood to show their disciplines

Jacksons Lane supported artists in Highgate Wood


  • On-going improvements to venue lighting; including moving more than 60% over to LED lights and energy-saving technologies
  • Reduction of waste across communal office areas and introduction of mixed recycling
  • On-going reduction in print quantities for marketing materials
  • Our Foyer Bar is stocked with produce from local suppliers and producers
  • The introduction of rechargeable batteries across the organisation
  • Awarded a 4-star rating by Julie's Bicycle, recognising our environmental commitment, understanding and improvement.

How You Can Help

  • We encourage everyone who uses our building: staff, hirers, audience members, artists, to think about how they travel to and from Jacksons Lane. We have excellent transport links with a bus stop right outside and Highgate Tube Station directly opposite.
  • Instead of taking a brochure or receiving one in the post, sign up to receive email updates from us by clicking HERE
  • Support local suppliers and order a refreshing G&T from our Bar. Our house gin and vodka comes from Sacred Spirits who are based right here in Highgate and delivery is made on foot.
  • We work with Haringey 40:20 who advise businesses and individuals in the borough on how making small changes can improve sustainability and environmental impact. Find out more HERE

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