Vamos Theatre

The Best Thing

28 - 31 Jan 2016

It’s 1966. The record player is on, her hair’s bobbed and eye-lashes curled: for seventeen year old Susan, life is an adventure waiting to begin. But what happens next turns everything upside down, and its repercussions will last for decades to come. Step into the wordless world of Vamos Theatre for this bitter-sweet story of mistaken morals and broken hearts, 45s and beehives, where sexual revolution proves a hard and rocky path to tread. Funny, heart-breaking and human, The Best Thing is a ‘swinging sixties’ story of unconditional love.

Led by artistic director, Rachael Savage, Vamos Theatre has become Britain’s leading, full mask theatre group, touring nationally and overseas with inventive and entertaining productions based in real life stories.

There will be a post-show discussion following the Sat 30 performance.

The Best Thing is part of the London International Mime Festival 2016.

"Life-affirming, funny, deeply touching and highly, highly recommended!" Plays to See on Finding Joy

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