Al Seed


15 - 17 Jan 2016

The end of a war. A locked cellar. A beam of light.

Oog leads you deep into the fractured mind of a shell-shocked soldier. Utilising Guy Veale’s powerful soundtrack, this is an intensely physical and poetic exploration of the trauma of conflict and violence, and the psychological damage it inflicts. It burns indelible images on the mind as it questions what happens when humans morph into something different, something less than human.

A companion piece to The Factory, shown at the ICA as part of LIMF07, Oog won a Total Theatre Award at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival.

Based in Glasgow, Al Seed has been a pioneer of physical theatre in Scotland, winning Fringe First and Herald Angel awards along the way. He was a founding member of Vanishing Point Theatre Company, and both as performer and director has collaborated with companies across the UK, and with Russia’s BlackSkyWhite and Derevo. He was formerly Artist in Residence at The Arches, Glasgow.

A post-show discussion following the Sat 16 performance will be chaired by Total Theatre Magazine Editor, Dorothy Max Prior

Oog is part of the London International Mime Festival 2016.



  • oog
Visual imagery that sometimes takes the breath away…An experience that will leave no-one who sees it completely unchanged Scotsman

  • Exeunt Magazine review

    One of the most precise and visceral performers working today
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