The Insect Circus

The Insect Circus

17 - 22 Feb 2015

We’re thrilled to welcome back The Insect Circus for another half-term family extravaganza. With their marvellous menagerie of creepy crawlies, this talented troupe will perform death-defying feats of bravery for your amusement.

As well as some old favourites, including The Mighty Mites, aerial ants and high-flying fleas, there will be some brand new additions; maggot juggling and manipulation to name just a couple.

The Insect Circus is an immensely popular family production that has been wowing audiences at Jacksons Lane for several years. Spectacular, eccentric and a lot of fun, this isn’t one to be missed.

You can get a 'Family & Friends Ticket' to this production for £50 (5 people max 2 adults) so bring your friends and share the discount!

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