Matthew Floyd Jones

Psychoderm- abrasion

10 - 14 Feb 2015

Have you ever seen someone buried alive in makeup? You can see this man has scars. But they're so far below the top layer, it would take an industrial sandblaster to even them out. And it's easier to trowel on a few more inches of concealer.

Psychodermabrasion is a red raw tragicomedy about damage done beneath the skin. Live action fuses with recorded sound and projected image to create an offbeat musical monologue. Painful, audacious and bleakly comic, this is a show for anyone who looks in the mirror and can't.

The eagerly-anticipated début from actor and musician Matthew Floyd Jones (Frisky & Mannish), in association with cult performance artist Dickie Beau.

"Terrific" Time Out.

"Brilliant" Guardian.

"Eccentric" Independent.

"Fabulous" Scotsman.

Psychodermabrasion contains adult themes.

  • matthew
A show about skin, sex and the problem of directly addressing people. Psychodemabrasion is an unusual musical, with a big overture and dance breaks. The subject matter sounds heavy but it’s really uplifting. Matthew Floyd Jones

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