Gandini Juggling & Jacksons Lane


21 - 24 Nov 2015

A show about making shows. An elliptical reflection on entertainment.
In the 90’s the Gandinis made a series of experimental pieces with Choreographer Gill Clarke that were performed at Jacksons Lane. For this commission they revisit those pieces with 6 jugglers and 3 dancers, in a special one-off show that features complex juggling, text, ballet dancing, hammers, nudity, tables and a comedy sketch.
Gandini Juggling are bursting with concepts and commentary about form, style and substance. They are excited about this dissection of things, about dwelling deeper into the anatomy of a show. 
Returning to Jacksons Lane as part of our 40th birthday celebration, this piece sees the Gandinis simultaneously looking back to the past and forward to the future.
Four nights only - don't miss this one-off co-production by Gandini Juggling and Jacksons Lane.
There will be a Gala performance of Meta on Wed 25 Nov. CLICK HERE for more information.
META will feature full frontal nudity and adult themes
Image by Arnaud Stephenson
Watch trailer of their previous show 4x4 here.
  • meta
A splendid blend of talents imbued with both elegance and wit. The Times on 4x4

  • Our Artistic Director on META

    "Somebody asked me what it was like to have the Gandinis in my’s a bit like getting Bowie to play a gig in your front room."
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