Circo Aero

Circo Aero- Four Short Circus Films

30 - 31 Jan 2015

LIMF and Jacksons Lane are delighted to be screening four of Circo Aereo's short films, Narri, Flip, Polte and Club, which each focus on a different circus art, portraying and examining it through the camera, lending a perspective that would not be possible in live performance.


  • FILM
  • FILM 2

Directed by Sanna Silvennoinen

Filmed by Jukka Mantere

Produced by Circo Aereo and Ilves Films 

NARRI (8’30) Acrobat: Rauli Kosonen

FLIP (9’) Acrobat: Rauli Kosonen

POLTE (8’20) Fire Artist: Tomi Elo

CLUB (8’32) Jugglers: Jouni Ruuth, Kaito Takayama, Heikki Tolin

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